Fey Fey artist portrait

Fey Fey Worldwide is a fashion brand currently based between London and New York City, which aims to explore modern femininity in a humorous and alternative way. Their practice understands fashion as commercial, functional, and wearable art, involving performance, story telling and critical garment making.

Fey Fey Worldwide starts from third world of the society and will forever stand together with people in the third world. They pay much effort as they can to care for all their sewers’s working environment, life conditions and mental health. As an independent brand, without any major financial backing, they embrace the risk of bankruptcy and closure at anytime. They strongly encourage the purchase of products, and accept any personal donation to sustain their mission.

Fey Fey is very keen to work hard to support the brand. She also accepts any textile-related production commission. Please don’t hesitate to contact her at info@feyfeyworldwide.com