2023 Spring and Summer ILMWSM - Wrap Up Inflatable Dress


My Wife Sets Up Rules!! Wrap Up Inflatable Dress is Fey Fey Worldwide's signature self-inflating clothing with customized 3D printed built-in fan.  A truly versatile piece, it starts with a giant striped "f" shape flat pattern. With a simple zip-up mechanism, it transforms into a gracefully draped wrap-dress. For those seeking a more unconventional look, it can also be inflated into an ideal cocoon-like blob, allowing for endless styling possibilities. 

Wrap Up Inflatable Dress strategically places movable-positioned zipper openings, enabling the wearer to freely expose their limbs and head through any of these openings, enabling the creation of unique and personalized looks.  Made of 100% Air and 100% PU coated nylon, the WRAP UP INFLATABLE DRESS can be worn with flair in both its deflated and inflated states.

One size fits all. 

This item is made to order.