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20 May 2023

Chalky was speeding home in his car, passing a field. He stopped at the side of the road and came down to take a leak. At this time, a gust of wind blew the hat on Chalky's head away. Looking at the hat flying in the air, Chalky's thoughts also chased away, his mind suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, opened his eyes and saw his wife sitting on the toilet humming and peeing. Messy hair fluffed on top of his wife's head with strands of hair hanging loose in front of the face, nearsighted Chalky only remembered that wonderful pink silhouette with a watery haze that soon led him to sleep again. He came back to serious thoughts: "When I pee, I miss my wife the most." At this moment, he loves his wife so much that he returned to the car and just wanted to get back to her immediately.

Love your wife, Fey Fey Worldwide

Creative & Director: Lishan @nahsiluil

Starring: Chalky Wong @chalkywong Wife (not on camera): lailai @lailaisuniverse

Producer: Huangxinzhi @eleme_membership

DOP: Jason Wen

1st AC: 沈文轩 @biubiushen

Trinity operator: Geoff @Geoff_YYY

3D artist and Creative: Caesar Arenas @caesarenas

VFX Supervisor: Abe @abe.perspiration

Music:Nothing Compares 2 U covered by Tianfang @tianfangjing

Sound engineer: Roy Xu @miriamdola_cn

Special Thanks: Yulizhe